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The Care Group, P.C.
Gerard L. Guillory, M.D.


“You are what you eat!” I am sure you have all heard that slogan, and there is some truth
to this statement. But to the providers at The Care Group, P.C. a more appropriate motto
would be “You are what you take", namely your prescription medications, as well as your
over-the-counter remedies and supplements.

Every time you come to our offices, we would request that you bring an up-to-date list of
all of your medicines and supplements, including dose and frequency of use. If another
office prescribed a medication, indicate that as well. Here is a simple example of what
you might bring in:

Metformin 1,000 mg, 2x per day (started 3-26-07, Dr. Sherman)
Warfarin 3 mg, 1x per day
Carlsons Vitamin D - 2,000 I.U.
Pharmax Fish Oil - 1000 mg, 2x per day
Rx-Occasional Use:
50% mixture: Triamcinolone Cream USP, 0.1% - feet and ankle application

If compiling your list proves too challenging, we are happy to help. Just bring in all your
bottles and we can go through them and discuss the doses.
Why is this so important? Many times, a person’s medication is changed by another
physician or can be changed during a hospital stay. It is very important that we be aware
of all such changes in a timely manner. Drug interactions, as well as unexpected side
effects can lead to problems which can be more serious than the condition that the
medication was supposed to treat.

So do yourself and your healthcare team a favor by keeping an accurate list of everything
you take whether by mouth, patch, or injection. Be sure to share this information with us your life may depend upon it!



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